Python with the scientific stack, compiled to WebAssembly.

Pyodide may be used in any context where you want to run Python inside a web browser.

Pyodide brings the Python 3.9 runtime to the browser via WebAssembly, thanks to Emscripten. It builds the Python scientific stack including NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, SciPy, and scikit-learn. Over 75 packages are currently available. In addition, it’s possible to install pure Python wheels from PyPI.

Pyodide provides transparent conversion of objects between JavaScript and Python. When used inside a browser, Python has full access to the Web APIs.

Pyodide development happens on GitHub:

Try Pyodide (no installation needed)

Try Pyodide in a REPL directly in your browser.

Table of contents


The Development section help Pyodide contributors to find information about the development process including making packages to support third party libraries.


The Project section gives additional information about the project’s organization and latest releases.