Downloading and deploying Pyodide#

Downloading Pyodide#


Pyodide is available from the JsDelivr CDN





Latest release

Recommended, cached by the browser


Dev (main branch)

Re-deployed for each commit on main, no browser caching, should only be used for testing


For a given version, several build variants are also available,

  • <version>/full/: the default full build

  • <version>/debug/: build with unminified pyodide.asm.js useful for debugging

GitHub releases#

You can also download Pyodide packages from GitHub releases. The full distribution including all vendored packages is available as pyodide-0.26.1.tar.bz2. The full distribution is quite large (200+ megabytes). The minimal set of files needed to start Pyodide is included as pyodide-core-0.26.1.tar.bz2. It is intended for use with node which will automatically install missing packages from the cdn – it is the same set of files that are installed if you use npm install pyodide. It may also be convenient for other purposes.

You will need to serve these files yourself.

Serving Pyodide packages#

Serving locally#

With Python 3.7.5+ you can serve Pyodide files locally with http.server:

python -m http.server

from the Pyodide distribution folder. Navigate to http://localhost:8000/console.html and the Pyodide repl should load.

Remote deployments#

Any service that hosts static files and that correctly sets the WASM MIME type and CORS headers will work. For instance, you can use GitHub Pages or similar services.

For additional suggestions for optimizing the size and load time for Pyodide, see the Emscripten documentation about deployments.